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Imported Cheeses






Imported Cheese :
Argentine - Regiannito Parmesan Wedges :

Canadian Sharp Cheddar Blocks :

 Danish :
                    °         Danish Blue Wheels

                    °         Danish Cream Havarti

                    °         Danish Havarti (Dill, Caraway, or Herb)

                    °         Danish Fontina Wheels

                    °         Danish Camembert or Brie Tins

                    °         Danish Saga Blue Wheels

 Finland :

 °         Finland Lappi Cheese

French :

 °         French Abby Port Salut

°         French 1 Kilo Brie Wheels

Holland :

 °         Holland Edam Balls

°         Holland Gouda Wheels

°         Holland Smoked Gouda

 Italian :

 °         Italian Pecorino Romano Wheels

 Norway :

 °         Norway Ekte Gjetost (Goats Milk Cheese)

°         Norway Jarlsberg Wheels

°         Norway Jarlsberg Lite

Switzerland :

 °         Switzerland Natural Gruyere Wedges

°         Switzerland Swiss Cuts

Italian Style Cheeses







Natural Cheese Italian Style (Pack)

Mozzarella :

                The cheese is a spun-curd buffalo milk cheese called Mozzarella, it's origination came from southern Italy.

Provolone :

                Provolone is an all-purpose cheese used for cooking, desserts and grating. It is a stretched, curd cheese. This cheese comes in various shapes as well as various types. The taste for this cheese can be anywhere from mild to spicy.

°         Rindless Provolone

°         Rindless Provolone Splits

Domestic Parmesan (Parmigiano):

                Parmesan cheese is one of the world's most popular and widely-known and enjoyed cheeses.  This cheese was named after a place in Italy, Parma.

°         Stella Domestic Parmesan Wheels

Domestic Romano Wheels :

                This cheese is one of the oldest Italian cheeses. It is made by a special process, known as rummaging curd or draining the curd quickly after molding, then piercing the surfaces slightly before salt is applied.

°         Stella Domestic Romano Wheels

Aged Asiago :

                It is a farmhouse and creamery, unpasteurized, hard type of cheese.  This cheese can be grated and used as a condiment.

°         Stella Aged Asiago Wheels

°         Stella Asiago Wheels (Mellow)

Fontinella :

                Fontinella cheese is a creamy semi-hard cheese.

°         Stella Fontinella Wheels

Grated Cheeses :

°         Laubscher Grated Blend (Parmesan or Romano)

°         Pure Imported Grated Romano

°         Pure Imported Grated Parmesan

Domestic Cheeses





Domestic Natural Cheese

Brick Cheese :

                The cheese has small and irregular holes and an open type of a texture. It suggests a mixture of sweet and nutty flavor.

Muenster Cheese :

                This cheese is an American made cheese. Muenster has an orange rind with interior having a white color. The orange color comes from vegetable coloring. This cheese has a mild flavor with a smooth, soft texture. This cheese is made from cows’ milk. Muenster cheese can range from having a mild taste with no odor to a strong flavor with a strong smell, all this depends on the age of the cheese. Muenster cheese melts very well and is it is often used in dishes such as grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna melts.

Farmers Cheese :

                Farmer (Farmer's) cheese is made by pressing the moisture from cottage cheese, it is often times rolled in a mixture of herbs and flavorings, or wrapped in very thin slices of flavorful smoked meats. It is a simple cheese often used for fillings and in other foods.

°         Farmer's Cheese Square

°         Farmer's Cheese Rounds

Colby :

                This is a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. They are generally block-shaped and have no rind. It was named after the town in Wisconsin, where it was first made. It's a washed-curd cheese, which means that the curds are thoroughly rinsed in fresh water to remove all excess whey or stay lactose. This will in turn prevent the acidity in the curd from rising, to keep the cheese soft and springy, and still having a sweet and mild flavor. Colby has a higher moisture content and feels more elastic than cheddar. It is has more of a sweet taste, rather than savory.

°         Indiana Colby Longhorn (color or white)

°         Indiana Colby Longhorn Singles (color or white)

 Marble Kojack Longhorn :


°         Indiana or Ohio Marble Kojack Longhorn

°         Indiana or Ohio Marble Kojack Longhorn Singles

 Hot Pepper Longhorn :


 Monterey Jack :

                Monterey Jack's consistency depends on its maturity, it melts easily and has a buttery taste to it.

°         Monterey Jack Blocks

°         Monterey Jack Prints






Ohio Mild Cheddar :

Ohio Cheese


°         Ohio Mild Cheddar Blocks (color or white)

°         Ohio Mild Cheddar Prints (color or white)


Wisconsin Cheese





WIS Mild Cheddar :


°         WIS Mild Cheddar Blocks (color or white)

°         WIS Mild Cheddar Prints (color or white)

 New York Sharp Cheddar :

                Cheddar gets it's sharper taste from the length of time it matures.

°         New York Sharp Cheddar Blocks (color or white)

°         New York Sharp Cheddar Prints (color or white)

 Split Color Midgets B/W :




Swiss Cheese


Swiss :

                 Swiss has a firm texture, more so than baby Swiss, and is known for being shiny, and pale yellow with large holes. The flavor of this type of cheese is mild, sweet and has a nutty flavor as well. The process for making swiss cheese is designed so that there is no rind that forms on the cheese.  Maturing time takes place in vacuum-packed plastic wrapping, for mass-production purposes. The flavor of this cheese is very mild.

°         Premium Swiss High Cuts

°         Premium Swiss Sand Cuts

°         End Swiss Sand Cuts

°         End Swiss High Cuts

°         Custom Swiss Sand Cuts

°         Custom Swiss High Cuts


Baby Swiss :

                Baby Swiss cheese can have an appearance from ivory to a pale yellow. It is a creamy type of cheese that has small holes. This cheese melts very well when it's shredded. Baby Swiss has a buttery, nutty and sweet flavor.

°         Baby Swiss Wheels

°         Baby Swiss Loaf